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E-Mage Transcripts specializes in online and offline medical data entry, and with its vast experience in medical transcription, gives an edge over other companies, when it comes to understanding the medical terminology and dealing with critical healthcare data and HIPAA compliance. E-Mage Transcripts is a data entry company headquartered in Mumbai, India.
Data Entry Services
p>Being a professional data entry company, E-Mage Transcripts offers a wide spectrum of medical data entry solutions:

Online and offline medical data entry

Process motivated medical data entry

Medical billing

Medical coding

Patient record data entry

Medical claims data entry and other medical claim forms

Patient record data entry

Hospital data entry

Medical form data entry

Clinical data entry

Healthcare data entry

Merging of transcriptions into EMR/Proprietary Software

All information about the patient, chart information, appointments, account information, insurance, claims details, admission, diagnosis, doctor’s notes, billing, and reimbursement data base have to be documented in case these may be required later. We would collect information from the medical forms, reports, charts, or other medical documents which have to be filed.

With E-Mage Transcripts data entry services, you get the following advantages:

Industry-leading quality

Save on data entry operating expenses by 30 to 40 %

Flexible, accurate and customized services

Adherence to HIPAA guidelines

Support FTP and email modes for receipt of material and transfer after data entry

Stringent quality control – single and double entry

Affordable competitive pricing

market research interviews,Qualitative Interviews,Meetings
Online and Offline Medical Data Entry
Accurate Cost Affective Service
HIPAA Compliant
Security and Confidentiality
Multiple File Transfer Options
24 hour Turn around time or less
Interview Transcription in India,General Transcription in India,Business Transcription in India
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